RAK Ceramics is one of the largest ceramics’ brands in the world. Specialising in ceramic and gres porcelain wall and floor tiles, tableware, sanitaryware and faucets, they produce 110 million square metres of tiles, 5 million pieces of sanitaryware, 24 million pieces of porcelain tableware and 600,000 pieces of faucets per year at our 17 state-of-the-art plants across the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh and Iran.

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, they serve clients in more than 150 countries through our network of operational hubs in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, North and South America and Australia.
In 2016 RAK Ceramics invested in a new sanitaryware development team that is working in a different way to create new products. Their challenge is to provide to the market technical solutions and new designs for both the entry level suites as well as for the luxury ranges

” Design has to be affordable for everybody, and creativity is the real differentiation tool when you have to consider production needs and budget limits “

We have been working to improve our rimless WCs for many existing collections. We are also developing five new rimless models, including wall hung, back to wall and close coupled WCs. RAK Ceramics was one of the first companies in the world to introduce rimless technology. Rimless WCs, as the name suggests, have no rims, making them extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Combined with our water saving technology, beautiful designs and silent flush, we are excited about our latest range of sanitaryware