DOMOTEX is gearing up for another successful edition in January 11-14, 2019 at Hannover, Germany. Many of these exhibitors are already working on the finer details of their showcases, eager to put their best foot forward when they present their product innovations in January. The show’s new keynote theme, “CREATE’N’CONNECT”, is a bold statement that puts the spotlight on the current connectivity mega trend. Connectedness is an important aspect of flooring in the sense that floors are unifying, connecting elements of room design. Floors and flooring provide the very foundation for the rooms in which we live and work. Among the exciting incubators of flooring ideas and innovations at DOMOTEX is the special “Framing Trends” display area in Hall 9 – a place where exhibitors and other providers from the flooring industry can stage their imaginative and creative interpretations of the keynote theme. The “Framing Trends” wow factor attracts visitors from all around the world to DOMOTEX, where – to use the words of the lead theme – they can CREATE’N’CONNECT with exhibitors and forge new cooperative ventures that span the globe.

Many of the exhibitors lined up for DOMOTEX 2019 are authors of innovative products used in interior design projects the world over. Their carpets, floor coverings and installation systems are used by international architects and interior designers to create original, imaginatively designed spaces in which the floor forms the connecting, unifying element of the overall design. At signature locations around the world – including an historic ballroom in Chicago, a bookstore-café in Oslo and the new Allianz stadium in Vienna – architects, interior designers and interior planners have integrated flooring design into their creative vision from the outset, conscious of the need to give each interior that final touch of magic that brings it to life as an harmonious, organic whole. These magical interior spaces at the cutting edge of interior design feature carpet tiles, hand-made rugs, wood flooring products, and installation materials that premiered at past DOMOTEX shows as part of displays mounted by big names as Oriental Weavers, Galleria Battilossi, Chapel Parket, Classen, Fletco and Uzin Utz.