In the Saudi Arabian metropolis of Riyadh, 4SPACE has built a sanctuary named Cosmo Café that fosters and encourages the creativity of its visitors. Diners are encouraged to follow their artistic interests and to engage in an artistic exploration community.

The earthy tones of the colour palette and the natural materials used in the interiors create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The rustic beige-hued walls and curved lines mirror the organic shapes typically found in nature. There are hints of blue in the banquettes and chairs, adding a touch of vibrancy to the space. The blue terrazzo flooring is eye-catching, leading to a minimalist curved staircase that takes visitors to the first floor.

Engraved Cosmo brand icons adorn the walls, and the suspended ceiling organic-shaped rope lights evoke the fluidity of an artist’s intriguing scribble or sketch. In the centre of the staircase void, 4SPACE has carefully placed a tree with branches extending to the first floor to add a touch of life to Cosmo Café. Not only will patrons enjoy the finest coffee and light bites, but they will also appreciate the sense of community.

The café’s dedication to encouraging and exposing regional talent is further demonstrated by the modest gallery of patron paintings that covers a whole wall showcasing exceptional art. There are colouring books and paper available for visitors to use as they choose.