Amazónico has launched its first ever pop-up at the highly anticipated Riyadh Oasis, from January till March 2021. The stunning temporary restaurant showcases their signature tropical style with rainforest-inspired interiors, Latin American dishes, electro-pical music and vibe.

Located between Al-Ammariyah and Diriyah in the breath-taking desert wilderness, Amazónico has been designed by internationally acclaimed and award-winning artist, Lázaro Rosa-Violán. Within four short weeks the entire restaurant was conceptualised, designed and built from dunes to a fully functioning temporary structure resembling the very best of Amazónico. Filled with lush foliage and an abundance of natural materials, guests can discover a range of spaces, including a beautiful dining room, lounge, sushi counter and outdoor terrace – ideal for sunsets suppers at this luxury winter sanctuary.

Combining a blend of tropical and Latin American cuisines Amazónico’s menus are not only inspired by the countries of the Amazon but the unique Asian and Mediterranean communities which inhabit them. From Peruvian sushi and the freshest raw seafood to carefully sourced grilled meats and fish; their chefs use both traditional and cutting-edge techniques along with seasonal and vibrant ingredients.

Amazónico are passionate about music and consider it to be the beating heart of their experience. Each evening their most-loved resident DJs from across the world will spin high energy, elec-tropical beats providing the perfect soundtrack for sipping a range of exclusive mocktails, late into the evening.



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