The Dubai-based abstract artist and conceptual photographer started her creative journey as a hobby back in 2003. She has since evolved by allowing her personal journey to lead her through the path of understanding the aesthetics of colour and how she can use them to enhance or even alter perception. “Being an active photographer has led me to discover my hidden creative abilities. In the process, I have also been lucky to be involved in a lot of projects – including photo books, travel diaries and albums— which have pushed and polished my creative boundaries. I still believe that my greatest success is yet to be achieved, ” says Jamil.

Ambreen Jamil

Jamil’s works are best known as ‘Healing projects’. Her photographs, drawings, collages, and digital graphics depict positive values of human understanding and relate to nature and wellbeing. Her favourite piece defines her take on well-being and is titled ‘The Quantum Leap’. The inspiration for creating this artwork was the desire to learn to let go, focus on the bright side and move on in life as there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Like many artists, Ambreen’s creative journey has had a few ups and downs. Speaking on one of her greatest challenges, Ambreen discloses details on one of her most difficult projects yet, “A few months ago I was contacted to create a photography portfolio for a client who wanted to curate their daughter’s life’s moments dating from her day of birth up until her 20th birthday. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had to curate 20 years of photos. However, when I received the work and the emotions behind this lovely project, it got me very inspired and this kickstarted my creative flow.’’

As a photographer, Jamil would love to work on more projects exploring travel moments and the world’s most beautiful scenes. She also hopes to exhibit her photographs and artworks around the world and be recognised as a designer photographer.  Jamil has also participated in exhibitions during the Dubai Summer Surprises and Art Couture in Al Badia Dubai Festival City.