Design Middle East takes an art tour of the Dubai Design District (d3) which hosts some of the spectacular art installations by creative minds, which are treat for the eyes

Chic Sheep
One of the most vibrant art installations that one would come across at d3 is ‘Chic Sheep’. Nakkash Gallery and d3 presented a disruptive public art installation at ‘Meet d3’ in December 2016, dispersing 100 ‘Chic Sheep’ around the district as a symbol of new beginnings and the promise of the future. For this project, Nakkash Gallery worked in collaboration with other creative partners including All Things Mochi, Ayah Al Bitar, Fadi Sarieddine, Monogram and Sauce. This was a collaborative, community, CSR initiative that resulted in an auction to benefit the Al Jalila Cultural Centre.
Location: These are scattered across the design quarter

The Lucid Dream
Invited by Tashkeel Studio and inspired by lucid dreaming, Ruben Sanchez created this installation with the idea of placing oneself far from reality for a minute, and then inviting him/her to interact and be part of a trippy dream. In an average lifetime, the human being spends around six years dreaming, but what is really happening during this time still remains a mystery, impossible to decipher. Located between our consciousness and the dream state, the ‘Lucid Dream’ allows us to control and modify our actions or scenarios, aware that we are living in a dream whilst making everything possible within the limits of our imagination.
Location: Outside between building 6 and 7 (in the core)

The Untitled Swing ProjectWith play and imagination in mind, Jordan’s designers drew on the swing, or ‘murjeiha’, to represent their collective childhood. The design team included-Dina Haddadin, Omar Al-Zo’ bin, Rand El Haj Hassan, Rula Yaghmour and Arini (curator). The swing seats represent the solid and grounded elements of the installation, using the heritage from the Palestinian and Jordanian geology. Each stone is from a different part of the two countries, gaining their names from the various cities and villages of their source.
Location: Outdoor area between building 9 and 10

Bike ‘d3’
Hinjal Kumar, a final year architecture student at American University of Sharjah and the only student in the top 10 finalists of the Urban Commission’s annual design competition won in 2016 with ‘Bike d3’. The design is all about promoting lifestyle improvement as much as a response to the brief of shelter.
Location: Outdoor area between building 6 and 7

A neat series of simple, minimalist, modular elements rule the Superfuturedesign’s communal table installation at d3. Winner of the 2017 Urban Commissions project, Mu.Table comprises a series of modular elements composed of concrete volumes, and marine plywood table tops mitred at 45° angle to lock into a welded steel structure without the use of screws. Apart from the great design, the installation has functional properties too. One can use the table as a perfect seating arrangement during lunch hours or a quick coffee with friends.
Location: Outdoor area between building 4 and 5

Spun Seat
British designer Thomas Heatherwick is displaying his artwork at d3 called Spun Seat. The chair has been designed for Italian manufacturers Magis and is made of rotation-moulded plastic. Using a single profile and rotating it through 360°, Spun is a functional spinning top. Measuring 65cm high by 91cm in diameter, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Location: These are scattered across the design quarter