The Secret Boutique Hotel is a new hotel in Moscow Silk’s business district. Its designers decided to emphasise intimacy and privacy, which is reflected in both the name and the interior design. Archpoint Bureau created the design, which is evident in the well-thought-out details. The architects worked hard to design the interior, making each room unique.

The architects had several tasks: to divide the hotel into two zones – VIP and general hotel, to add leisure areas to the rooms so that they were suitable not only for relaxation, but also for business negotiations or parties in a large company, and to make the interior fresh.

The interior is designed in a modern style with classic elements. In some rooms it was decided to add a play of light to create a festive atmosphere in the evening. Various lighting scenarios are used, including designer neon lighting around beds on the floor, on the ceiling, and around the paintings hanging on the walls.

The VIP zone can be accessed through a separate entrance from the street. It consists of two large rooms: the strict presidential one and the more relaxed “party” one. Both rooms are decorated with natural materials – wood, leather, metal. The walls and ceiling are covered with decorative plaster and decorated with moldings.

The peculiarities of the presidential suite are an office or a cigar room, and a wine room. The atmosphere of the office is suitable for serious negotiations. One part of the room is furnished with a large marble table, around which comfortable leather chairs are placed. For more personal negotiations, a second zone with soft armchairs, a leather sofa and a low coffee table is organised. The wine room is made for rest. Here a guest can comfortably sit at a table and relax sipping expensive alcohol. 

The “party” room is designed for relaxation in a company. For this purpose there is a spacious common area with a Jacuzzi, a large table with a DJ console, a spacious sofa, and a podium for multi-level accommodation of guests. In the lobby of the room, the architects placed an art object – a selfie zone, which is destined to become the center of attraction at the party.

The common hotel area of ​​12 rooms can also be accessed through a separate entrance. The peculiarity of this zone is in the art objects with which the rooms are lavishly decorated. In every room there are paintings by contemporary artists. The classical themes on the paintings are complemented by daring inscriptions.

Photos: Olga Melekestseva