Art Jameel launches its first-ever online store: Art Jameel Shop. The digital shop is now accessible to shoppers, two years after the launch of its flagship store at Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai. A homegrown endeavour, the online shop is conceived, curated, and managed entirely by the Art Jameel team.

The first-of-its-kind art and design-led online store in the UAE, it features a collection of carefully sourced and curated design products, including original and limited edition goods by more than 85 regional and international artists. The shop also carries local and international award-winning brands, such as Tamashee, Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts and Kees Chic. In addition to limited-edition collectors’ items created by artists and designers such as: Faissal El-Malak, HAH ceramics, Xeina AlMalki, Hemali Bhuta and Shreyas Karle, among many others.

The shop also includes a wide selection of beautifully-produced books, catalogues, monographs and publications from independent and established publishers, including Sharjah Art Foundation, Kaph Books, Luqoom and Studio Safar.

The new platform also offers a wide range of handpicked online exclusive gifts, educational kits and items for children, art posters, and limited edition prints.