aura presents its Autumn Winter20 collection. Each range has been carefully curated to service both the relaxed and formal forms of home furnishing while adding a layer of Middle Eastern hospitality. Throughout the collection, the curated designs offer a sense of wintertime serenity. Textured neutrals add depth for the cooler months ahead and are accented with gold metal finishes that are desirable for their inherent simplicity. These timeless tactile neutrals dramatically shift to a richer and deeper story of rust and rose with accents of plum, a warm and vibrant aesthetic that is seen from the living and dining space and into the bedroom.

The stripped-back colour palette of textured creams, black and grey tones is further juxtaposed by a collection of aqua, which splashes on the scene with joyous accord. Complemented by sunshine yellow and shimmering gold accents found on plush cushions, draw handles, vases and tableware, the combination welcomes the outside in, to curate a peaceful decor. A nod to the orient is also seen this AW. Modern Asian design is mixed with the likes of high-end formal upholstery and richly textured wood dining tables and storage. Boasting expertly crafted and contemporary pieces, aura tailors its designs to suit the market’s taste with this season adding richness throughout the collection’s stories by the use of different metallic elements and richly textured and patterned fabrics.

Signature pieces include the Rosie occasional tables, though small in scale, they bring maximum impact to any space with curated handmade metal roses and the petal tips dipped in a sparkling pale gold to create highlights and depth to the eye-catching design. Skala’s large sofa is also a tactile affair, smooth and warm to the touch, its rose hue is a feminine and modern addition this season.