The past few years at the fifth-generation family-owned company— Wittmann have been shaped by a lot of exciting new developments and highly productive collaborations with international design icons such as Jaime Hayon, Sebastian Herkner, Monica Förster and Luca Nichetto. Under outgoing CEO Hartmut Roehrig, the company raised the profile of the Wittmann brand on international markets and built on its already considerable hospitality industry expertise. The company will continue to pursue its chosen path with fresh impetus. Austrian-born Alexander Sova will meet these challenges with a high degree of professionalism that comes courtesy of his long-standing experience in areas including strategic development and implementation, distribution and the digital transformation.

Wittmann, a family-run Austrian company, produces the highest quality handmade upholstered furnishings. For more than 120 years, Wittmann brand has been synonymous with precision, individuality and unparalleled handcraftsmanship. The company works with internationally acclaimed designers to create perfectly made furniture that adorns private residences and out-of-the-ordinary contract settings worldwide.

Wittmann has always been strongly committed to handcraftsmanship and high-quality manufacturing at its facility in Etsdorf in Lower Austria. Alexander Sova shares: “Where multiple perspectives converge, the opportunity arises to build on existing strengths and create something new. I like working at these interfaces – with an experienced team and the power of new ideas.”