It’s amazing to see something stunning and close to nature, that’s what Campbell Gray Living Amman, located in the downtown area of Abdali in the capital city of Jordan is all about. Developed by Al Seraje Real Estate, a subsidiary of the Audeh Group, has recently announced the completion of its luxury designer residences and the apartments have been handed over to the owners. The residences offer exquisite one, two, and threebedroom apartments designed by London based award-winning studio, Martin Brundnizki Design Studio in collaboration with Gordon Campbell Gray. Gordon Campbell Gray is the founder and creative force behind Campbell Gray Hotels and this project. Design Middle East spoke to Gordon Campbell Gray about his project, design philosophy, and his expectations.

Gordon Campbell Gray

First residential project in the Middle East
We have a collection of beautiful hotels in exciting locations including Beirut, Malta, soon Scotland and more but Campbell Gray Living Amman is our first residential project in the Middle East. I have always loved Jordan having visited it on many occasions, so I was intrigued. When I saw the site and the architecture of the proposed buildings it felt right straight away.

Design inspirations… We focus totally on using the finest materials of the highest quality. Our projects are always built to last; they are an antidote to being trendy and fashionable. The inspiration for the interiors was to create a feeling of individuality and originality and our style is very much one of a modern classic. I love the concept of having the privacy of your own apartment and all the services of a hotel.

Key design features
All the floors are made of solid rich hardwood oak, as is all carpentry, wardrobes and doors, which lend a solid luxurious feel and are also the perfect background to the furniture, which we design ourselves and have made to the highest of standards. We have wallpapers by Hermès and silk curtains by Jim Thomson.

Sustainable ways! In terms of architecture, the project tower was designed with a unique, chequered marble and glass façade that reduces outside glare and sunlight. The entire project also uses district heating and cooling which means a single district plant supplies the project in a very efficient, environmentally friendly way. We have a grey water treatment plant on site, also, we have used LED lights extensively.

Expectations from this project…
In addition to the residences, we wanted to create space where businesses can operate with the latest technology and amenities as well as great services, so we have great office spaces as well. We are confident that Campbell Gray Living Amman is set to become the most exciting focal point for both business and social life in the new downtown of Amman.