Ben Ganz, a Swiss-born designer, announces the launch of USM NYC by Ben Ganz, a collaboration between Swiss manufacturer USM Modular Furniture and New York-based design platform PIN-UP HOME.

The collection is a limited edition of USM storage objects conceptualised by Ganz; a first-of-its-kind multiple-piece collection released by USM in collaboration with an independent designer.

Consisting of six unique configurations, each object is inspired by New York’s urban design typology and available in three limited edition powder-coated steel colours: UPTOWN BLUE, SOHO YELLOW and DOWNTOWN PINK, all in a matte finish.

“There’s a long tradition of the skyscraper and the skyline in furniture design — I’m thinking about Paul T. Frankl’s Skyscraper bookshelves from the 1920s, which used the skyscraper as a symbol of American modernity, or Gaetano Pesce’s iconic Tramanto a New York couch, which echoed 1980s Gotham. Given that USM’s origin is so directly connected to architecture, it made sense to me to continue this legacy. And the tower is a perfect symbol of New York — where the only place to build is up.” — Ben Ganz.

Presented for the first time during Design Miami, the collection will be shown with an official booth opening on November 29 and closing on December 4. The installation was conceived by Ganz featuring photography by Francesco Nazardo and animations by Maria Gysi.

The campaign was creatively directed by Ganz and photographed by Francesco Nazardo in Manhattan, NYC. The collection is available exclusively through PIN–UP HOME; a new platform specializing in design objects and contemporary home and lifestyle accessories created by the makers of PIN–UP magazine.

The entire USM NYC by Ben Ganz collection is outfitted with a wheeled base that extends from the centre, adding an element of mobility to each design. Equipped with up to 12 casters each, the pieces easily move through space. The perforated metal panels add a further touch of lightness. A variety of storage and seating objects are on offer making innovative use of the standard USM parts and components as well as one custom element; a seat cushion.
USM NYC by Ben Ganz takes its conceptual cues directly from USM’s history as a modular system of architectural construction.

The collaboration combines Fritz Haller and Paul Schärer’s modular furniture system with the vibrant spirit of New York City.