Bene unveils PORTS is both a design line and an office concept, bringing people, ideas and functions together – to lead together. The range has been designed with the Middle East in mind – featuring a unique Majilis lounge for collaborative working.
PORTS was created by the internationally renowned London design studio PearsonLloyd, who designed the business class cabins for Lufthansa and the WorkLife rooms for the Intercontinental Hotel Group – and also Bene’s iconic PARCS furniture range.
Bene’s own research shows that everything is changing as we embrace new ways of working post-COVID. Organisations must accept and encourage new kinds of management and rituals, with multifunctional spaces that reflect the different ways people work. Spaces must grow with an organisation’s needs and be flexible and adaptable. Effective company management today needs more openness and less formality. Flexibility, multi functionality and options for privacy and quiet work are more important than ever.
“The market for executive offices and furniture is still defined in terms of hierarchy and the old concepts of status, without considering the users’ needs; the market has not changed for over a century. PORTS offers a new way to define what a private workspace looks like and how it functions,” says Tom Lloyd.
“The private office is slowly disappearing. And managers are becoming more open, collaborative, democratic – and younger. So they need as much time and space as possible to plan how they will fulfil their responsibilities and to think creatively,” adds Luke Pearson.
PORTS is a multifunctional hub. The three modules – PORTS LOUNGE, TABLE and STORAGE – can be combined in various ways.