Noora Saeed, an Emirati restaurateur, opened her maiden venture – ‘Vibe’ at Al Wasl in 2018. It was a gathering spot with wonderful cuisine and a great atmosphere. As a result, “Vibe Café” was formed, and Noora has been expanding the brand across the UAE ever since.

Vibe is now on its way to Abu Dhabi, where Bishop Design was commissioned to design the interiors. The space, which was dubbed “Love Vibe,” was to be more sophisticated, allowing the brand to appeal to the capital’s local crowd and diversify their portfolio. Bishop Design’s approach was rooted in expanding some of the main Dubai characteristics into more premium applications while sticking to the existing identity. Upon entering the space, it immediately feels familiar. Key elements of Vibes’ brand identity remain, such as the pink colour palettes and neon signage.

Features from prior venues have been reinterpreted to set the tone for this latest attempt. For example, the Palm Tree, which was previously represented by tall pink towers, is now represented by basic yet visually appealing ceiling features. Palm leaves in varying colours of pink cover the bar counter. Curved ceilings and arches have produced a neutral envelope that serves as a fantastic backdrop for splashes of colour in the furniture.

The playful side of the Vibe overall brand is a crucial characteristic, generating entertaining, unique settings for people to enjoy and participate with. The key draws are the details, the beautiful furniture, and the streamlined features. Pink tonal palettes have returned, but this time in a more subdued form, with pastel tones reflecting a more mature attitude.

The design firm’s creative reinterpretations have elevated a contemporary interior that properly represents what the client set out to create for Love Vibe.