Why are logos the first step to corporate success? Design With Ember, a creative design agency specialising in logo branding, tells us how they are unique and exceed all expectations.

Explain your journey with Design With Ember and how it will benefit small businesses.

Every day, thousands of small businesses are sparked or come to life, many of which are from people with limited financial resources. These business owners understand the importance of good branding and high-quality creative to represent their companies, but they simply cannot afford the prices and long timelines agencies offer.

Many of them are forced to work with freelancers or spend time and money with designers that do not in any way meet the standards they are looking for. We realised this not so small niche has always been discarded, an opportunity to provide quality logos to customers (not overwhelm them with huge brand guidelines where we over deliver and they overpay), at an affordable price and with a customer service that is personal and always available.

That is why we decided to launch Design With Ember, to assist such businesses in affording a decent brand to get started.

What services do you provide to your clients?

Many of our customers are looking for a logo at first, however we offer all sorts of creative solutions including business card designs, menu designs, package design, vehicle wraps, etc. These additional services usually come after we design and they are satisfied with their logo.

What are the advantages of branding, and how can you educate more people about it?

We often tell our clients that their logo is the doorway to their customers. In a single glance, a well-designed logo may convey what you do, the quality a consumer should expect from you, and even your values.

In this scenario, we are heavily reliant on data. We follow up with customers to see how they are doing with the new logos and use their success as a case study to persuade the next customer.

When you don’t care for your brand, it’s a red flag that you may not care about many other things, including the client.

Competition is extremely severe in all enterprises, and a logo that stands out might be the deciding factor in your being chosen from the crowd.

What’s the most challenging part of your business?

The most challenging part of our business is convincing customers that we are not going to be another bad experience and we are not here to take their money and run away. Unfortunately, the internet has also opened doors to scam and many of our customers before approaching us were victims of it. We realise a bigger part of our discussion with potential customers is about proving ourselves and a smaller part about the requirements for their creative needs.

What gives you an advantage over others in this field?

The type of logos we design can not be done by many designers, most of the logos are very artsy, clients want to have their own photo or someone they love as part of the logo along with a lot of objects that you may not typically see in minimal designs, these logos need to be hand-drawn first and then moved to vector.

Our biggest advantage is outside the infrastructure built to scale the model, we have a network of great designers working for us and the best ones locked with exclusive contracts. These are talented individuals who can design many logos in a single day without sacrificing quality.

How does your company differ from other agencies that provide similar services?

Our model is to be fast, efficient, personal, and competitive when it comes to pricing. We are somewhere in between a freelancer and an agency but taking the best of each. We don’t have the overheads and slowness agencies usually have, yet we are more structured and held accountable as a company (rather than being a freelancer who can at any given time disappear).

Could you tell us a little bit about your clients and successful commissions?

A typical client of ours is either a single person business or one with just a few customers, these clients are food truck owners, landscapers, garages, baseball coaches, etc. they are businesses in small towns, many that have been around for a while who want to now present themselves more professionally.

The beauty of our line of business is that we are at the infancy of many of these businesses, so as they succeed, as their brand opens new doors for them, they always come back to us for all their creative services, their budgets for creative work grows as their business does, these business owners are also very loyal to us as we are to them, and word of mouth generates quite a lot of our sales.

What opportunities do you see in your industry, and how much growth have you seen since the inception of your company?

We see a lot of opportunities here as people become more price-conscious while also becoming more aware of the value of a premium brand and marketing assets.

Our company was founded in February 2022, so it is only a few months old, but we are already experiencing rapid growth. The team began with three people and has grown to nearly twelve, with more on the way. The amount of creative works we develop in a month is in the hundreds, and we became profitable in the second month.

What are your future goals, and do you intend to expand into new markets?

For us, this is just the beginning. Our initial market has been the US but we are already looking at Canada and immediately after the Middle East and generally Asia.

We also have a lot of great ideas for the coming year to turn this business into a tech company that can become scalable and less reliant on human resources. A lot of which we can self-fund, and this is not something a startup usually can say.

For more details, visit their website:  www.DesignWithEmber.com