Brazil headquartered international luxury bespoke design brand, Ornare, announced the opening of its Middle East flagship showroom in Dubai. Operating out of the iconic Opus Tower designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the brand’s expansion in the region will be led by the dynamic trio Carina Fontes, Maryam Al Nabooda, and Shalise Basso – businesswomen with deep experience in the design industry.

Commenting on how the opening aligns with the brand’s expansion strategy focused on growth markets like the UAE where the luxury retail market has seen double-digit growth over the past decade, Carina Fontes said, “The country is marked by economic prosperity and high demand in the luxury market from customers who give priority to quality. It is an audience that is willing to pay for sophistication and refinement. The UAE is therefore a very strategic market for Ornare and we have positive expectations for the new showroom”.

As a brand well established in the global interior design and architecture market, Ornare prides itself on providing complete customized solutions for the whole house – from kitchens to wardrobes, bathrooms, wall systems, accessories and more. Stressing on its authenticity as a 100% Brazilian product made in São Paulo, the brand’s Founding Partner Esther Schattan added, “We have grown year after year, and we are consolidating ourselves internationally as a Brazilian luxury company. In Brazil and the world over, consumers are spending more time in their homes, investing even more in their environments by increasing the comfort and beauty of their living spaces. This is the right time for us to introduce a taste of Brazilian luxury into homes in the UAE.”

Ornare specializes in offering a high degree of customization for discerning clients, allowing them the freedom to execute extremely sophisticated projects. As part of the service, the brand also uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance customer experience. Clients and business partners can view 3-D modelled designs of the project via Virtual Reality or video before it goes into production.

In addition to the new Dubai flagship and showrooms in Brazil, Ornare has eight others strategically located in the United States. The company has ambitious goals to grow the international business to account for 40% of total sales by 2024.

Photo credit: Marko Zirdum