Preciosa Lighting’s award-winning installation, Breath of Light, will be blowing into Dubai for Downtown Design. The event will take place from November 13-16, 2018 at Dubai Design District.

Breath of Light is a Signature Design by Preciosa’s creative directors Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug. It’s a playful and interactive installation revealing the contemporary side of Preciosa Lighting.

The installation is made from a series of opal crystal bubbles that dissolve into crystal frosted, crystal clear, and crystal bubbled bubbles. The bubbles create an intriguing path of light as visitors contribute their breaths. Preciosa’s passion for design is intensified by our technological ingenuity which is reflected in dynamic installations such as this.

“It is not only an interaction between a person and the object/chandelier but we are using the chandelier to provoke an interaction between people,” said Vasku. “This of course is underlined by the sound effects created by the movement of light.”

This year, Breath of Light received a Red Dot: Best of the Best in the Red Dot Award 2018. An international jury of design professionals believed Breath of Light met the judging criteria for aesthetics, originality, and emotional significance.