As governments in the MENA region are focussing on developing citizen well-being, happiness is becoming a new currency recognised by regional entities across all industries and sectors including the creative industry from design to architecture. CallisonRTKL (CRTKL), a global consultancy specialised in architecture, design and technology, are creating a “Happiness Index” in partnership with culture coaching company DH Global, and leading Egyptian developer DMG Mountain View.

In light of recent global events, the world is experiencing land-slide disruptions across economies, with travel and leisure proving to be particularly vulnerable. More people have also been working remotely or from home, and now more than ever the ‘happiness’ of society has become critical,  with regional governments  taking action to support business, ensuring citizen-wellbeing remains at the heart of building strong communities.

The index aims to measure and sustain happiness. As part of the collaboration, CRTKL is working together on a pilot project in Egypt with Mountain View’s ‘Happy HQ’ being used as a case study for happiness design principles in action.

Matthew Tribe

“We are committed to improving the lives of all. We perpetually seek out innovative design led answers that enhance the quality of life for citizens. To do this, we focus on the challenges each one of us face in our daily lives, and through the application and adoption of emerging urban technologies as well as life centred design thinking we deliver solutions that enhance the happiness and wellbeing for all,” said Matthew Tribe, executive director at CRTKL.

The Happiness Index is a data-driven process, which benchmarks staff happiness in the workplace and outlines pathways for better place-based and culture-based performance. The project creates a comprehensive measurement by which buildings can be judged and guided by the index.

Tribe added: “We are highlighting the fundamental truths which guide employee happiness, and are outlining hundreds of pursuits, or actions, which can be taken to satisfy these. The index operates with the main objectives of designing places, developing people, and defining culture.”

Companies will soon be able to test and benchmark their offices, with CRTKL planning to launch the new index in the coming months.