Casa Milano, the UAE’s leading luxury home solutions retailer, recently announced its partnership with ter Hürne in the flooring industry.

The brand recently held its first open house at its flagship store on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai to showcase the new ter Hürne parquet flooring collection. Interior designers, architects, and consultants were among those who came to see the new collection.

“With changing trends and preferences, we have seen an increased demand for the wooden flooring, primarily because of its durability, sustainability, and functionality,” Azhar Sajan, director Casa Milano, said of the new range of parquet flooring.

Ter Hürne’s unique engineered hardwood floors are natural and pure, just as nature intended, and come in modern designs that set new trends. The real wood floors are made entirely of wood and hand-finished with oils derived from linseed and walnut oil. This ensures clean, unpolluted indoor air and, as a result, increased well-being, health, and, ultimately, quality of life, as certified by the Blue Angel and ECO labels. Ter Hürne floors’ various designs, formats, and surface treatments have something for everyone: Flemish Heritage floors, for example, allow you to create elegant herringbone or classic cube patterns. The planks from the Unique collection, on the other hand, have different knot contours, heartwood or distinctive cracks, with a lot of color play or sapwood content.

Hywood is a real wood hybrid floor that is extremely durable. It combines the best of both worlds to create something entirely new. Hywood is completely composed of wood. Nonetheless, Hywood is clearly superior to a standard wood floor because it employs a combination of three new technologies, the most important of which is wood powder. They become highly resistant when combined – to water, deep scratches, pressure marks, and dirt.

Resistant to everything a floor has to deal with on a daily basis when people live on and with it intensively. Moreover, despite its superiority, Hywood is a genuine wood product that offers a natural, sustainable, and healthy home environment. Hywood is for people who love and want wood but do not want to compromise functionality.

“We have a wide range of designs in Hywood flooring, which is real wood and Engineered Hardwood flooring.” Sajan said when asked about the key offerings.