Formenti Divani is an Italian company located close to Milan, internationally well known for high quality sofas and furnishing accessories. The company was founded in 1974, by Marco Formenti and has grown up gradually with him. He has successfully led the company thanks to his abilities and continuous research in design and material selection.

Currently, the company is led by the second generation in the person of his sons Simone and Tiziano. Creativity, craftsmanship, and tailored services are qualities that are carefully cultivated and kept within the company. The continuous pursuit of materials and construction solutions offer clear improvement in the performance and quality of the Formenti products, that meet the expectations of a careful audience for truly authentic Made in Italy. Leather, with its noble worth, is the real star in Formenti creations. In order to enhance this living material, you need passion, experience and strict control of each step of processing and tanning. The result is the creation of unparalleled products that excite you for years to come. Research is a fundamental aspect of Formenti work. It arises from an interest to take in new things, offering the inspiration for the creation of unparalleled exclusiveness. Ideas are part of Formenti company assets, making up the study and research centre with expertise in the development of projects, the engineering of products and choice of materials such as leather, fabric, finishes and wood types. This is an important division of the company, where ideas are developed, take shape, and modelled to meet the changes and evolutions of everyday life.

Formenti is a company that has made versatility its strength – this is why the company can successfully face any kind of furniture design, modification, and “customisation” of standard products, up to the creation of personalised and made-to-measure projects. We are a tightly knit team that brings together different professional skills, ready to offer truly complete consultancy and services that include all development, from initial design to on-site implementation and installation. Based on the experience gained in over forty years of activity, the company is a valid partner for the study and the creation of important projects for unparalleled interiors architecture and design.

The design and project for the penthouse in the city is truly sophisticated – here the architecture favoured geometric shapes in order to create exclusive interiors. The furnishings offer tones and hues that define a wonderful dialogue with the abode. The dining room is reinterpreted with a modern, practical language, without sacrificing that convivial pleasure of cosy seating.

For the Chelsea project, Formenti offered an exclusive collection of furniture that arise from an understanding of a new reality, where space is to be experienced as an encounter, life, relationships, and culture. This is an interior where the connection with things is tight, intense, and never random.