When, in 1978, Hugues Chevalier created his first contemporary sofa models, he chose to be inspired and to revisit the Art Deco style. An aesthetic bias going against the trend of that time which quickly earned him recognition as one of the best designers of high-end contemporary furniture. Luxurious leather, precious wood, rich details, emphasis on comfort and expertise of the best craftsmen. Hugues Chevalier pays tribute to the 1930 designers and designs each piece as unique.

High-end contemporary furniture in the pure “French tradition”
To this day, Hugues Chevalier continues to perpetuate the tradition. Charleston and Dominique sofas, inspired from the Art Deco furniture and elevated to the level of icons, are still flagship models of the brand, just like the classic Club armchair. But to fulfil the tradition, Hugues Chevalier chose to extend its range and offers new furniture and objects of high-end contemporary furniture, work of talented designers. Coffee tables and refined buffet tables, fashionable desks but also furniture for contemporary bedrooms and end tables adapted to new uses. Through its renewed collections, Hugues Chevalier combines tradition and modernity and assumes a certain lifestyle.

Tailor-made furniture for interior design projects
To satisfy all French luxury lovers, Hugues Chevalier designs and manufactures all of its furniture on demand. For lovers of high-end contemporary exclusive, its workshops realize tailor-made pieces. Its in-house design department, specialized in interior design, supports each of its clients worldwide in the design and implementation of projects (hotels, corporate offices, embassies, architectural offices…)

In 2013, Hugues Chevalier Join the family group, BCHC created by Hubert Taïeb in 1965 celebrates its 50 years of expertise this year. The group has extend its strategy of development by purchasing the brand Hugues Chevalier 2 years ago, with a desire to diversify the range while keeping the original path. Brands of the group BCHC continue to grow thanks to the innovative ideas of Hubert Taïeb and his two sons, Laurent and Frédéric.

Hubert Taïeb, passionate about the thoroughness of the work of his grandfather, passed on his passion to his two sons, Laurent and Frédéric. Both of them are now in the operational management of Bertrand Prestige and Hugues Chevalier. Willing to continue the family heritage, the two brothers run the growing family business. Bertrand Prestige and Hugues Chevalier are the two leading brands of the company with made in France creations, in Usson-du-Poitou, in la Vienne, alors involving some specialised trades in the Milan area. Désireux de reprendre le flambeau familial, les deux frères dirigent l’affaire familiale, en plein essor. After 50 years of existence, the wish of its leaders is to multiply its list of international retailers and to increase traffic of its French clientele Boulevard Haussmann.

Bought two years ago by the family group BCHC, Frédéric Taïeb started by expanding his offer by developing a range of decorative objects, carpets, lightings, vases or sculptures, and a customized service.
Now, it is 60,000 meters of material, 7,000 meters of leather, used each year to cover sofas, chairs, and armchairs.

The Parisian Label is doing well, it has doubled its turnover in France and abroad, a trend that is not ready to stop since the brand opened two showrooms of 500 square meters each, one in Wangzhou, China and the other in Vancouver, on the East Coast. The Farrington showroom in Hong-Kong is driving the market for export. Frédéric Taïeb does not want to stop when doing so well and plans on opening 4 new showrooms, in Miami, New York, Singapore, and Bangalore in the first half of 2016.

Since its takeover in 2012, the sales revenue also doubled.

Bertrand Prestige makes 80% of its turnover on the export market thanks to international clients furnishing their apartment  in Paris. The Parisian label has a single retailer in Paris, on Friedland Avenue, a conscious choice to make their offer exclusive.

The Design Office of Bertrand Prestige works on creating prestigious furniture, Art deco 1930, Louis XV, or baroque and empire furniture, classics are revisited thanks to Hubert Taïeb’s stroke of a pen.
Laurent Taïeb, now head of the company, listens to each customer to offer the most tailormade products. The Parisian label is one of the last to offer high-end furniture made in France.

It also has licenses to sell Gianfranco Ferre men and Visionnaire, real drivers in their evolving strategy.

Opening are planned in France, Lyon, Monaco, Nice, and Cannes in the coming months.