A selection of seating solutions to spruce up your workspace

Andreu World
Couvé chair
Specifically designed for maximum comfort, this Couvé arm chair integrates subtle elements into a distinct piece.

Herman Miller
Building upon Herman Miller’s depth of knowledge in workplace environments, Keyn provides instant seated comfort through its sculpted one-piece shell design.

Oasis Furniture
Inspired by the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel, Lolla was designed with the unique and wonderful shapes that fit and pop up flexibility in any corner of the workplace.

This lounge chair with a canopy offers visual and acoustical privacy for phone calls or one-on-one interactions in busy environments

Harbor Work Lounge
Part task seating, part lounge chair, Harbor Work Lounge offers the support people need to be productive, while making a stylish statement wherever work gets done.

Arte Como
The Nava series demonstrates both form and function, making it suited to a wide variety of applications. Offered in white for easy matching, the chairs come in a variety of seat heights