Cosentino shares an interesting case study of Omnia Villa in Ibiza where they used their spectacular surfaces on floors, staircase area, kitchen countertop, and bathroom in creating this soulful place

The five-bedroom Omina Villa belongs to the UAE-based Spanish entrepreneur, Manuel Ayas and is situated on a 20,000sqm plot of land in Carretera de Sant Josep, Ibiza. This villa is surrounded by nature with views of the sea, the countryside, and a pristine natural reserve. Architect Jano Blanco has designed the villa and Jose Antonio Flores did the interiors for this project. Blanco created the project on modern and minimalistic lines. The interiors follow a muted grey and bright white colour palette with occasional shades of browns, giving an air of sophistication, warmth, and a general sense of spaciousness.

In conversation with the owner of the property, Manuel Ayas on the design, inspiration, and why he chose Cosentino surfaces for his luxury villa.

The design vision: I wanted a space that is light, airy, and relaxing. I wanted guests to be awed by the views of the sea and the mountains and hence the extensive use of glass to blur the boundaries between inside and outside. I like simplicity in design and so I prefer clean lines. I also like an exaggeration. I want things to be big and bold. I don’t want to have a big window in the wall; I want the whole wall to be a window.

Favourite area: I love all the spaces but my favourite is the bedroom with the view of mountains. I find that space so calm and soothing. It is not the largest room in the villa but it is the room I choose to sleep in. Open plan kitchen: It is an open kitchen design with a huge island. My idea behind having a huge island was so that it could double up as a bar that people could mingle around. The hood is in-built into the ceiling and this gives the impression of a much larger space.

Décor and styling: The furniture is a mix of different pieces: A big wooden table from Canada, trunk and chairs from Sweden, and the rest of furniture from Italy. When choosing art for my villa, I wanted to have pieces that were powerful yet fun. You can’t really have anything serious and boring for a villa in Ibiza! I am a big fan of pop art and I love the work of New York based contemporary artist Domingo Zapata. He has some some great pop art pieces, which I bought through an art merchant.

Choosing Cosentino: I visited the Cosentino factory in Almeria while holidaying with my family. My villa is my dream project, it is also a very important investment so I wanted to use the best. When I visited the factory, I was really impressed by the products, its quality, durability, properties, and versatility. I was also stunned by the level of professionalism and the visitors (architects and customers) they had from all over the world. I was convinced that this was the best possible material that I could use for my villa.

Cosentino surfaces: Choosing the right flooring for my villa was the hardest. One of my main considerations was to have the largest possible slab. After visiting the showroom, I decided on Dekton, which offered large format slabs (1.4m x 1.6m). I found them to be durable and extremely low maintenance without compromising on the look. I chose Strato, a subtle grey because I wanted a shade that would contrast with the white but still not be too dark or overpowering. I wanted to maintain a sense of space. When it came to the design of the bathrooms, I chose Silestone Elegance sinks. Dekton Sirocco was available in anti-slip, which was great for the infinity pool.

The design tour of Omnia Villa: