Coming together of eclectic elements and industrial designs is the highlight of this residential apartment in Cairo

Classy, inviting, and very charming, ‘The country home’ in Cairo by Egypt-based architecture and interior design studio, Badie Architects, is based on an open design concept that encourages freedom of movement and the warmth of a more intimate home. Mohamed Badie, founder and CEO sheds light on this country style-inspired apartment, “We are inspired mostly from the French country homes, in terms of the use of natural materials, hefty beamed ceilings, and carefully detailed wood work. This style is visible in this project as well.

The use of stone usually associated with this style was applied in the creation of the fireplace. We also choose to use raw brick walls that are carefully arranged to perfection.” Red Bricks applied to walls and wood works which, in turn, applied to floors and ceilings, added a warm and natural feeling to the spaces.

Exposed brick walls and window arches act as a major architectural highlight of this project. “We considered the space as an experience for the user. We focused on creating a unique element in each space using the same materials; that resulted in the continuity of the warm vibe initially created,” says Badie.

Rather than relying on monochromatic shades and bold pops of colours to create visually exciting contrasts, Badie chose such a design that creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Badie adds, “The colour palette consists of warm, earthy, natural color that in themselves create the visual contrast needed. The fiery red in the bricks, the sunny yellow in the shades of wood and furthermore, bright black and dull greys on the wall punctuate the bright colours and define accessory pieces placed on it.”