Located in Taj Dubai, Miss Tess promises to present new-Asian street food in a never seen before avatar—and it keeps its word

The food and interiors instantly transport the visitors to an eclectic location straight out of East Asia. The cocktail bar is a sight to behold, surrounded by high tables and stools, and wooden swings. The open kitchen allows you to watch in awe as your food is made. Brightly coloured lanterns and fairy lights descend from the ceiling, Asian graffiti adorns the walls, and there’s a Bonsai tree at every dinner table.

Exposed brick walls are adorned with posters of Chinese sayings, and the sofas are plush and comfortable, offering an easy yet vibrant environment. The centrepiece of the dining space is a neon tuk tuk, which diners can pop into for photos. Outdoor seating on the expansive open terrace offers you twinkling overhead lights and an unparalleled view of the Burj Khalifa. Taking culinary inspiration from Korean, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisines, Miss Tess offers food and thirstquenchers designed to savour with friends. The menus are an innovative piece of art—the food menu comes printed on Japanese fans, while the drinks menu is designed to mimic a passport, deemed to ‘transport you to Asia’.

Cocktails are served up in glasses shaped like Canon lenses and disguised as a box of takeaway noodles. Entertainment runs amuck in the restaurant, with regular live performances by sumo wrestlers, the Mario brothers, and sword fighters keeping the diners entertained. There’s even a corner for playing classic video games! And although Miss Tess sounds mysterious and imaginary, she’s actually real – and is a regular sight at the restaurant. She’s travelled the streets of Asia, collecting inspiration and experiences, and has brought them all back to Dubai to create a dining experience like no other. Find her on Instagram on @tomokotess.