The newly announced Qiddiya Water Theme Park is one of the flagship projects in the futuristic destination, Qiddiya, Riyadh. The disruptive destination is recognised on the world stage as the home to the most innovative and immersive experiences offering sports and wellness, nature and environment, parks and attractions, motion and mobility and arts and culture, making Qiddiya the capital of entertainment, sports and the arts, not just in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but the world. Dewan is the lead design consultant on the futuristic and soon-to-be iconic Qiddiya Water Theme Park. It has successfully delivered the design and is now supervising the physical construction of this landmark development. They are working with a large team of renowned water theme park experts, ride vendors, engineering and infrastructure professionals.

The water park will be at the heart of the attractions at Qiddiya, close to Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. The expansive project will cover 337,948 square metres of land and include 22 rides, nine of which will be world-firsts. The Qiddiya Water Theme Park will have nine distinct districts inspired by native animals and habitat, including Camel Rock, the Den, the Herding Grounds and Arabian Peak. Qiddiya will be 137,948 square metres bigger than any such water park in the world. The water park is part of the overall giga-project and is budgeted to cost in the region of $750 million. Dewan will use Smart technology to ensure that its operation aligns with its sustainability efforts. The architects are using highly advanced environmental systems that will allow them to use 75 per cent less water than traditional practices. They have also considered efficient technologies that will reduce evaporation concerns. The park will boast state-of-the-art facilities to host world water tournaments.

The multidisciplinary design team excels at managing complex and demanding projects of all sizes and aims to contribute to and improve the communities they exist within. They continually highlight and encourage an architect’s role to create thriving societies. Qiddiya is surrounded by the beauty, strength, diversity and fragility of nature in the heart of the Tuwaiq Escarpment Environmental Reserve. Dewan is working closely with the Qiddiya Investment Company to be mindful as they create the destination. Their actions are held accountable for protecting various ecosystems, their natural inhabitants, the future of the environment and new generations of visitors.

Ammar Al Assam said, “We are extremely proud to contribute to Qiddiya and the Kingdom with the delivery of the design of this once-in-a-lifetime project. The firm is fully committed to HH Mohamed Bin Salman’s 2030 vision and look forward to further growing and development our footprint in the Kingdom”.