Diane Thorsen has joined Gensler Middle as the design director of hospitality.  Earlier she was with design practise Perkins+Will.

Thorsen believes that great design begins with understanding a client’s vision and their culture and designing from the inside out. Her extensive experience spanning over 30 years coupled with leadership ability has resulted in an award-winning design studio of thought leaders. Her award-winning work and design approach is informed by human centric design, creativity, collaboration and a forward-thinking approach with a structured, detailed process. In her words, “design now addresses responses that are ethical, creative, connected, tasteful and sustainable. People now seek out rare and shareable experiences that focus on wellness, service and authentic experiences in beautifully but simply designed spaces.”

Tim Martin, Managing director for Gensler Middle East, added: “Diane brings a passion for design and a dedication to design excellence. She is constantly researching and always exploring. Her understanding of every aspect of the business brings international and regional expertise to our firm, clients and projects. In the studio, her enthusiasm is infectious and is already influencing our next generation of designers.” Skilled at creating beautiful designs under a variety of budgets, styles, timeframes, and requirements, Thorsen guides clients through every phase of the design process and remains committed to delivering quality experiences. In her role at Gensler, she will engage with clients to understand their needs and her unique set of skills will enable her to develop, lead and drive a client’s strategic goals through the power of design.