Award-winning Dubai-based landscape architect Will Bennett launches WILDEN Design, a new sustainable landscaping boutique to encourage people to foster and stimulate natural habitats that can thrive in the UAE, by offering clients inspiring, contemporary gardens created using landscaping practices that have a lower environmental impact.

“There is a huge movement globally to live sustainably and to regenerate landscapes for our shared benefit, and this has really inspired the ethos behind WILDEN Design,” says founder Will Bennett. “My mission extends beyond designing beautiful gardens — I want to inspire people to connect to the nature that is on their doorstep in the most meaningful way that I can, by understanding the environment around us and by nurturing it. If we all start to take care of the little piece of the planet that we call home, this behaviour will snowball into helping to conserve and improve the wider world around us.”

Will Bennett

WILDEN Design’s landscaping practices focus on using locally-sourced and manufactured materials, and plant and grass species that are indigenous to the GCC or from similar arid climates. Such practices help to minimise resources used in construction and maintenance, whilst generating strong, flourishing ecosystems in residential gardens across the Emirates.

Catering to a growing demand for online consultation, WILDEN Design provides clients with a seamless digital design experience through its website, which employs innovative technologies to map out a client’s plot. Customers receive a bespoke landscape design according to their brief and budget or they can choose from a range of pre-designed thematic gardens that are customised to suit the required plot.

“Every garden, yard, patio and even balcony in the UAE has the potential to generate a thriving natural habitat for people to enjoy and cherish,” says Will. “It doesn’t matter what the scale is — whether it’s ten people or ten thousand — if someone hears my message and is inspired to create a beautiful garden that encourages biodiversity, reduces waste and has a positive climate change impact, then that’s my goal achieved.”