Duravit wins big at both the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 and Red Dot Award – including Best of the Best for Viu/XViu.

The brand has won two sets of awards for the series Viu/XViu, D.1, SensoWash® Starck f and Starck T by two internationally renowned design juries – including Best of the Best award for Viu/XViu.

Duravit’s innovations shape the future of the bathroom. The products won over the independent international expert jury with their inventiveness and instinctive sense of design, quality and technology.

The Viu ceramic series and the associated XViu furniture program from Duravit and sieger design pave the way to the bathroom of the future. The interaction of soft, organic forms and precise geometry imbues a touch of post-industrial elegance with unrivalled levels of perfection. The series highlight is the c-bonded variant that seamlessly combines the ceramic basin and metal frame.

The design of the D.1 faucet range by Duravit in collaboration with Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez impresses with its unmistakable uniqueness and clear contours. With the D.1e electronic variant, state of the art technology has been integrated into the accentuated design for even greater operating comfort. The transition is dynamic and fluid, combining the basic cylindrical shape with the super-flat spout.

The new SensoWash® Starck f shower-toilets from Duravit and Philippe Starck feature impressively minimalistic design. The technology within all components has undergone further development and has been reorganised so that all technology is housed within the ceramic body. The flat seat with a height of just 40 mm and the white cover located behind it form a flush-mounted unit: contemporary design and comfort-enhancing technology in perfect harmony.

Starck T accessories epitomise the connection of functional rigour with organic forms. The stand-out design feature of the accessory series is the combination of the round base with the geometric “T-shape”, by means of which designer Philippe Starck evokes the branches of a tree. This iconic design element can be found on each of the 16 high-quality accessories.

iF International Forum Design GmbH has been honouring designs every year since 1953, putting the spotlight on outstanding and innovative design. The iF DESIGN AWARD thus enjoys the reputation of being of the world’s oldest independent design awards. Similarly, the international Red Dot design competition has a tradition stretching back 60 years and is widely recognised as a by-word for being the best in design and business.