DZ Design delivers Bank of Baroda HQ in Dubai, UAE. The place is inspired by the traditional ancient art form of the Rangoli in the form of geometry and patterns. The Bank of Baroda HQ exemplifies a balance of textures and patterns keeping with brand colour palette, Baroda Vermilion- representing hope and energy.

There is diversity in work areas, providing dynamism and optimism to the employees in the globalised world of modern workspaces. India’s oldest international bank, stand by their motto of concern, care, and competence.
The direction given to DZ Design team was to make sure that the touchpoints of customer interactions be smart and efficient. Dina Murali and Zain of DZ Design were conscious to reflect the values of enduring relationships on which the bank is founded and also meet the client’s needs.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is the mantra followed by DZ Design at an early stage in their design process. As this project is a relocation from the clients existing premises in Bur Dubai to new premises in Karama. With the aspiration to create green designs, DZ Design recommended and agreed with the client to reuse the existing furniture adapting to the new layout. The focus was to reduce the impact on the environment by reusing and upcycling the existing furniture and also reducing waste and extra cost.

The intelligent lighting design scheme contributed significantly to reducing energy consumption. The use of recyclable interior materials that have been locally sourced has brought a reduction in ecological footprint for the project. The indoor quality of the office is enhanced with the use of interior paint finishes that has a low VOC emission.
The office embodies the power of creating a sense of community and encourages a healthy, holistic relationship amongst the employees. The beauty is in its subtlety and the conscious nature that accommodates all the senses and sensibilities, making it a modern, sustainable workplace.

The focus of space planning was on productivity. Zoning of different departments within the bank was derived on the basis of their level of interaction (both external & internal), concentration, and privacy. The entire office space has been spatially divided into four zones with consideration to the working culture of the Bank.

Spread across an area of around 20,000sqft over two levels and four main divisions, the office is designed to bind the best of all, yet demarcate the team, floor wise with intelligent spatial planning.
The cafeteria, storage cabinets, and reception area are designed with pockets of colours and textures without overwhelming spatial quality. The use of decorative lights and comfortable loose furniture adds to the interior environment.

The green spaces and natural plants give a fresh feeling to the office, improving the air quality as well.