Interior experts at Dwell provide these simple tips to elevate your decor while maintaining the homey feel:

Choosing a theme

When choosing a colour scheme, make sure to follow a particular pattern throughout the room, such as – monochromatic, complementary or contrasting colour palettes in order to  create flow in the layout. Determine what type of design you are looking to incorporate, whether it’s contemporary or mid-century and add various products accordingly. Reimagined wicker furniture is great for a contemporary setting.


Lighting is the perfect way to create a homey ambiance in any space. Change harsh white light bulbs to those with yellow hues to immediately make a room feel cosy.  Add a personal touch and accentuate the overall design with lamp pieces.

Statement pieces and textures

Create an element of interest to any space by adding a standout piece. Whether it be an elaborate chandelier such as  the crystal chandelier or a statement chair.


Expressing yourself with decorative ornaments

Your home should be an extension of you and your family. Express your interests and personality by adding quirky or minimal decorative pieces to the layout. One with nature

Incorporate elements of biophilia into your space by adding plants of different sizes throughout. Blend architectural, textured faux evergreens with seasonal flowering plants for a unique mix and match element in the home.