Eve Penthouse & Lounge is strikingly beautiful and brings together the best of contemporary designs and industrial architecture. Sitting on the 34th floor of the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, Eve offers unrivalled views of the city. Eve is not set up as a normal lounge venue but more of a personal space, which really sets it apart from the competition. It gives a homey vibe at the same time a feeling of grandeur and opulence. Eve is inspired by a female Gatsby-esque mystique character who loves to party and is a glamorous host as well. This space tells her story in the most spectacular and designer way.

Vipin Khattar, general manager, Eve

Vipin Khattar, general manager at Eve Penthouse & Lounge, says: “There was a lot of attention placed on the details of the design: from the quirky wallpaper, velvet sofas in purple, mosaics tiles, gold bathroom, artworks and photographed framed on the walls, to several types of marble, wood, and brass accents used throughout the space for a creating a luxe yet playful environment.” Eve looks like a royal penthouse inspired by the art deco and mid-century modern era. Ceebo Shah and Khalid Sharan from the Dubai-based interior design firm Creative Clinic did a splendourful job in creating this dreamy place.

One of the best things about this place is the way it has been split into several sections like there’s a living room with a fireplace, pool table, padded walls and a majestic chandelier, a dining room style bar area with mirrored ceilings and antique brass mirrors and brick walls give a chic industrial look; and an indoor and outdoor garden area with relaxed seating arrangement.

There’s one area for every mood!: “Working with a space like this, you always need to take into account that the venue will not always be full, and how to maintain the flow and energy when this happens. The idea was to combine the space into one cohesive venue, but split it into zones, just like home. Up to 169 guests can revel in the enticing atmospheres of three remarkable areas, each possessing its own distinct aura, yet all blending seamlessly into one another. We created smaller enclaves and each zone could be curtained off if needed,” adds Khattar.

So, how about an evening at Eve?

Clearly, one of the hidden treasures in old Dubai, Eve offers traditional as well contemporary food options. Whether it’s warm salmon ceviche in sweet potato purée; Dakgangjeong, a deep-fried chicken in sweet spicy; charcoal vada pao; steamed chicken dumplings; and tacos baja are a few must-try dishes. Pair your meal with an amazing line-up of mocktails; you can also raise a toast to classic bloody marys and vintage martinis to an enviable grape collection, there’s a lot to choose from!