Last week, Kona Middle East hosted an interesting event in collaboration with Design Smith. Leading designers came forward to support the event on sustainability and got the chance to experiment with the innovation of ozonised water. It’s well-known fact that by washing in ozonised water, 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on the product are killed, any agricultural and chemical pesticides will be removed, products will remain fresh for three times longer. Kona Ozone are the first ozone faucets with internal design that delivers ozonised water.

You may think, what is the place of ozone technologies in the interior design? What makes ozone this effective is its high oxidation potential. Ozone is about five times more oxidising than oxygen and about twice as oxidising as chlorine. Ozone has a well-documented kill rate of micro-organisms such as fungus, bacteria, and viruses.
Some of the strengths of ozonised technology includes the elimination of toxic particles from surfaces as well remove smells from our hands after cooking. The interior designers from Design Smith, Dubai Design District, MS Design were handed over some garlic, which leaves a strong odour on the fingers, after which they washed their hands for a few seconds under the ozonised water. To everyone’s surprise, the strong smell of garlic that tends to stick to fingers for a long time was gone.

Following the concept of sustainability, ozonised water systems in interior design reduce the consumption chemicals, and therefore plastics, assuring the organic disinfection for food and environment.