Joseph Charles, CEO of Pinnacle Interiors (seated in the centre) with his team.
The firm’s projects and design concepts incorporate natural lighting and biophilic elements, an olive tree was installed in the heart of this space embracing the elegant corporate décor.

Pinnacle Interiors has been an accredited and award-winning organization for over a decade and is a force to be reckoned with, elevating the aesthetics of design and pragmatic build to adapt and regulate the ever-changing elements of the working and living environment. Evolving with the new hybrid and constantly changing Industry that has been nothing short of unpredictable, it has been incredible how the organisation and team have adjusted from the pre and post-Covid eras, having to reset workloads, targets, and resources. Management support, as a core structure of professionals, provided the most dedicated commitment to complex clients and projects, leading with their skilled architects, designers, and project team, by engaging and delivering remarkable projects such as the EXPO 2020 pavilions.

With Pinnacle Interiors’ commitment, they have been able to reshape the new normal, navigate the new concepts and desires of clients, assess and interpret the latest expectations, and provide informed decisions on sustainability, bespoke designs, furniture, and finishes to effectively enhance a commercial office, a luxury residence, a warehouse facility, or a fine dining F&B establishment. Pinnacle Interiors encourages agile working to enhance exceptional de- signs with a workforce that specialises in sophisticated technology, quality, and elegance to navigate the constant changes in spaces, interactive virtual elements, and intelligent automation. While incorporating recycling, sustainability, and natural elements of biophilic designs that directly connect to nature, the space, and conditions, acoustics elements of an environmental ecosystem are provided into the physical interior surroundings to promote and supplement health and wellness. Future goals include emerging in key areas, evolving with cutting-edge technology, 3D printing, designing and incorporating the metaverse, and leading in the construction of spectacular projects that will be game-changers with innovation in design technology, elevating and demonstrating their potential for innovation and expansion within the UAE, the Middle East, and internationally. Pinnacle Interiors has been named the Interior Design Fit-Out Firm of the Year by Identity Design Awards 2021 for The Coffee Lab at Port Rashid. Among these honours is the Design Middle East Award for the highly commended refurbishment project of the year for The Capital Club in DIFC.

Current commissions include a high-end F&B establishment at the Address Downtown, a coffee apothecary, a boutique pharmacy, an exclusive residence in Downtown, an International Consulate in Emirates Towers, and a contemporary café in Abu Dhabi. “We at Pinnacle Interiors in 2022 are embracing the changing approach from traditional design and build processes to include an innovative approach of cutting-edge technology in an “Era of Disruptive Innovation” we aim to transform the future of the industry and market with strategic design and build solutions for our clients and projects,” says Joseph Charles, CEO of Pinnacle Interiors

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