Those who’re passionate about bathroom décor, there’s a new collection by Ideal Standard called Strada for you. With clean lines and streamlined shapes, this collection is perfect for a contemporary bathroom. The modern geometric shapes work well together creating balanced proportions that give an integrated and coherent look. You would find everything from stylish washbasins, bathtubs, and a shower tray to mixers in Ideal Standard’s latest offering.

The collection is beautiful and functional at the same time. Like basins can be installed on any worktop or on their own with a siphon for a more minimalistic look. Vanities can be the choice for you, if you need more rim to have room for your personal bathroom products. Countertops and under-countertops are recessed into worktops and furniture, which give a luxurious ‘hotel’, spacious feel to your bathroom.

In order to complete your washing area, you must check out the mirrors that come with or without subtle, integrated lighting. Then there are comfortable and spacious rectangular bathtubs from the collection with various features. You can also choose from a range of differently sized shower trays, from perfectly square to the more expansively rectangular. Mixers are a wonderful functional necessity. They come with adjustable regulators that allow you to control the direction of water and prevent splashing.

So, if you’re planning to bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom, Ideal Standard’s Strada is something highly recommendable.