French lighting brand Forestier, which is known for using natural materials such as bamboo and wicker, expands its collections with new designs named Parrot and Grass. Jette Scheib emphasises that Grass and Parrot collections are intended to express the peace that reside in the weaving process, and the connection of basket makers with the nature around them.

These collections are taking up the artisanal methods of weaving and folding, the colorful abaca combines geometric braiding and circular shape. While Grass with stripes of vert, blue and marron colours is evoking the landscapes of cultivated fields, vert, sable, and marron colours of Parrot are getting inspiration by the parrot.

The light sources of the products, which can be used with E27 compatible bulbs, are hidden by another truncated cone, which is made by using traditional weaving and folding methods, is placing symmetrically on the lampshade. Thus, the light emits homogeneously from the source without disturbing the eye.

The textile cabled products are bringing colourful and lively summer breeze to living areas and bedrooms with the size alternatives in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

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