Gaggenau reveals the new and technologically advanced combi-steam ovens in its 400 and 200 series. The brand brought the first combi-steam oven into the private kitchen in 1999, creating the ideal conditions for steam cooking – a unique combination of using humidity with hot air to deliver health conscious cuisine. Fifteen years later Gaggenau launched another path-breaking innovation with its fully automatic cleaning system, completely dispensing the tiresome chore of manually cleaning the oven.

Adding to the ovens with fixed water connection, Gaggenau now brings the automatic cleaning system to tank models in the 400 series as well as for the ovens 200 series with a fixed water connection. By simply using a cleaning cartridge the ovens’ water supply effortlessly descales and removes any heavy soiling from the cavity interior. The innovative cleaning system is able to clean the entire oven with unrivalled hygiene, leaving it effortlessly pristine in less than four hours. With the introduction of a fixed inlet and outlet water connection to the combi-steam ovens 200 series, both series now offer fixed water connection and water tank options.

The combi-steam ovens with a fixed water connection allows users maximum ease of use, through the ability to prepare cuisine in a carefree way. The introduction of fixed water connections in both series ensures that fresh water is constantly available – a vital feature when cooking for long periods of time using the ovens’ sous-vide functionality. The combi-steam ovens with water tanks offer versatile convenience – the tanks are easier to access and are equipped with intelligent sensors which alert the user to the needs of the tanks, whether this is fresh water running low or the waste water tank requiring to be emptied.

The new combi-steam ovens also work perfectly in parallel with Gaggenau’s vacuuming drawer, creating perfect conditions for preparing food for gentle yet outstanding sous-vide results. Recipes are cooked to perfection through the addition of a multicore temperature probe to both the 400 and 200 series. The temperature probe offers the most accurate temperature reading on the market, with a variance of one degree within a certain range. The probe features three temperature sensors and continually revises the estimated cooking time based on the sensors readings, ensuring that high quality results are achieved during each use. Allowing the private chef unrestricted flexibility, the oven cavity of the new combi-steam ovens 400 and 200 series has been increased to 50 litres, filling the full width of the appliance and enabling more space for culinary masterpieces to be created. The increase in size allows consumers almost limitless choice when it comes to the dishes and ingredients which can be accommodated inside the oven, offering an enhanced cooking experience.

Managing Director of Global Brand Gaggenau, Dr Peter Goetz, comments: “Two decades of refinement and innovation has brought us to our new combi-steam ovens 400 and 200 series. Our technological leadership has enabled us to create an appliance which offers perfect cooking results without restrictions while adding to the aesthetic of the kitchen. We believe that having the ability to cook like a professional is a statement of luxury that those who find enjoyment in culinary require. As the leaders of innovation, we look forward to continuing as the pioneers in both steam cooking technology and healthy food preparation.”