Preciosa announced the appointment of George Karl as managing director of Preciosa Gulf. In his new role, Karl will take the lead in implementing the brand’s vision across the Middle East and Africa. He will manage the execution and development of business strategies across the company, working in tandem with designers and developers alike.

Born and raised in the Czech Republic amongst master glass artisans of the Crystal Valley, Karl has a great reverence for the legacy of Preciosa and a desire to see the company continue its pre-eminence in producing exceptional designs across the region. Karl looks forward to leading Preciosa in the next chapter of its growth and looks to elevate Preciosa by furthering its reputational excellence in the world of bespoke decorative lighting.Preciosa is a leading international glass manufacturer that offers unparalleled craftsmanship and brings new creativity and innovation to the art of glassmaking.

The company’s installations are synonymous with sophistication and elegance and encompass intricate wall sculptures and elaborate crystal chandeliers that hang boldly from ceilings all over the world. The lighting company is also renowned for its creative and innovative references, having installed bespoke Bohemian crystal installations across a plethora of prestigious venues in the UAE, including the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira and Atlantis, The Palm. Under Karl’s management, this list is set to expand with future projects to be launched in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE.

Karl disclosed: “I’m incredibly honoured to lead Preciosa Gulf as we embark on this next chapter of our company’s future. My passion for crystal and lighting comes from a childhood growing up amongst the world’s top lighting designers at Preciosa and in the heart of the Crystal Valley in the Czech Republic where I was born. I have tremendous respect for the generations of artisans and talented teams that work with us at Preciosa and am proud of the award-winning work that comes out of our international ateliers. I look forward to continuing and strengthening our strong relations with all our partners within the luxury resorts & hotels, villas, and palaces, and also look forward to shaping the future innovations at Preciosa Lighting across the Middle East and beyond…”