Grimshaw is an architectural firm in London, UK has recently announced the official launch of their new office in Dubai located at Dubai Design D District (d3). After many years of working on projects in the Middle East, the Dubai office will act as a central hub for the projects in the region, a number of which are now on site

A key part of Grimshaw’s design ethos is to gain a deep understanding of project locations in order to become immersed in the local culture and environment. While providing the opportunity for face-to-face client support, the Dubai office is also set up to collaborate with other Grimshaw offices across the global network to encourage knowledge exchange within the company.

This office in the UAE will support a major project in its design and construction-the Dubai Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion, which is set to open in October 2020. The pavilion is a celebration of ecology and will be a working demonstration of sustainable design. The core exhibition building is crowned by an over-arching roof structure with sizable photovoltaic panels designed to draw energy from the sun to power the site, and a series of ‘solar trees’ are designed to harvest water from the humid atmosphere. Importantly, as a legacy project for the Dubai Expo 2020, the Sustainability Pavilion will remain on site as a permanent fixture.