H2R Design completes Dubai’s first Bagel Yard outlet, Montreal’s renowned bagel concept. H2R Design has created a contemporary and naturally lit space adorned with a variety of vibrant greenery for contrast and texture. Upon entering the shop, guests can stimulate their senses with the delicious aroma of freshly-baked bagels hanging gracefully on the featured pegboard wall.

While the wall presents Instagram-worthy content for visitors to capture, H2R Design strategically included the feature to offer a space for the oven-baked bagels to cool off on the brass hooks behind the counter. Commenting on the project, the lead designers Husain Roomi, Hasan Roomi, and Jacqui Shaddock expressed their vision for the project: “We were briefed with the task of creating a cozy and home-like destination for customers to fall in love with. Given the intricate detail that is put into the bagel-making process, we wanted to represent this delicacy within the design of the space. By creating a fresh, clean, and aesthetically appealing interior layout, we have proudly created the new home for Montreal’s famous home-made bagels in the city of Dubai.”

Across the space, warm-coloured wooden textures have been cleverly placed within the floor and furniture panelling to symbolically represent the significance of the wood in making these distinct bagels. Interweaving the industrial metallic and copper materials within the counter tabletops, the utensil holders and table numbers, the design offers a traditional setting with the modern appeal to cater to all generations alike.

Bagel Yard is located at Al Wasl Rd and Al Thanya St Intersection in Dubai