H2R Design reveals the interiors of its latest F&B project— Slider Code, a modern cuisine and slider hangout in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Having previously worked on Slider Code’s pop-up and branding in 2019, H2R Design was re-tasked to design the restaurant’s new interior space, with a brief to focus on Slider Codes’ authentic, rich, delicate cuisine and to spark ‘joy’ adding character and experience to the space.

Inspired by the aesthetic of contrasting textures, patterns, and shapes, and using plating presentation as a focal point, H2R Design ensured that the surrounding interior design went hand in hand to provide an elevated dining experience. The linear grid patterns provide a sophisticated backdrop and highlight an individual experience to each table.

The result is a design that is elegant, inviting, detailed, innovative, and drawn together with a play of natural light and nuanced wall details.

Keeping a sense of neutrality was important for the brand. H2R Design used a soft gender-neutral palette, with splashes of coral to add a dynamic touch to the experience, with the colour chosen for its vibrant aesthetic and ability to stick out and encourage social and physical activity.

Key design principles were implemented to achieve an elevated presence of seating experiences, including the continuation of the reconstituted floor slabs to the base of the entire banquette seating and the sophisticated usage of stainless steel to the open bar.

The grid design of the custom acoustic ceiling panel reflects linearity of the space, as well as being functional with MEP services, lighting, and air conditioning. Acoustics and a well-coordinated ceiling was especially important in this concept due to its 11 meter high space. The custom acoustic ceiling is made from ‘wood-wool’, which performs exceptionally for acoustics and is bio-degradable. Sustainability furthermore played a role in the space in elements such as the outdoor furniture and signage that were used from the pop-up store and adapted into the current design. The reconstituted stone flooring, terrazzo utilises mixed marble scraps, recycled glass chips, and cement, reducing the impact on environment and wastage during construction.

Hasan Roomi co-founder of H2R Design said: “With Slider Code visited by a range of customers, we focussed on ensuring that the dining experience met the needs of all guests, be that for larger families with banquet seating, or smaller private parties with corner cosier seating. By focussing on human-scale, we ensured that we designed a space that was not only visually stunning, but also created a memorable experience that worked for its operations. Just like Slider Code’s cuisine, we are proud to have one-of-a-kind atmosphere that appeals to all tastes”.