HAWA hardware gets things moving. The most fascinating aspect of the sliding hardware systems are the applications they make possible.

Introducing the HAWA- Junior 80/B-Pocket for pocket door applications with minimum installation height.

The innovative hardware system removes all the obstacles that permanently installed pockets put in the way of wood sliding doors weighing up to 80 kg (176 lbs).

The top track can be installed and removed via rattle-proof bayonet locks at any time thanks to a pre-mounted retainer profile.

All components remain freely accessible and are easily replaced or extended. Moreover, the track‘s running surface remains clean during the construction phase.

And sliding the door into the pocket is especially easy as the suspension unit on the pocket side is located directly on the edge of the door.

Another benefit is that none of the sophisticated technology represents a compromise on aesthetic appeal.

All of the hardware components remain concealed thanks to an integrated door ejector and a sophisticated clip-on facia.

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