HostMilano is the world leading trade fair dedicated to the sector, a reference point for operators of the industry, confirming itself as a veritable driver of quality business. The contribution of top players and professionals who share their know-how and express their reflections becomes interesting food for thought for everyone involved in the world of hospitality looking to discuss the future of the industry.

The hospitality sector is waiting to know which will be the final anti-Coronavirus regulations; certainly the ”must” will be safety for the staff and for the guests. From welcoming areas up to cafeteria, the horeca sector must be projected towards the future by changing the spaces and furnishings with dynamic formulas. In this delicate process of remodulation, world renowned Italian architects together with top players of the hospitality industry disclose their views, projects and products to meet the new requirements while enhancing the guest experience.

Hospitality and tourism: domotics and redesigned spaces represent the winning formula for hotels

Many hotel chains already choose the develop structures certifications, as the priority is to redesign the guests experience in compliance with sanitary obligations and forms of social distancing.

As a result, it seems clear that automation and the IoT will prove to be important allies for hoteliers. “At this historic moment in time we are becoming increasingly smart, and quickly getting used to using whatever technology can offer us in terms of allowing us to connect, share and move around in a virtual way and this is just the beginning of the process of transformation in the way we interact with each other in the current dimension of space and time,” writes architect Simone Micheli on his blog. He has identified three concepts to define the world as it will be: alteration, hybridization and crossovers.

Practically, this means dedicating a special attention at moments like check in and check out, through the use of thermal cameras to check body temperature and apps that will be set up to give access to rooms from your own device. Once in the room, domotics will limit interaction with devices and controls considered to be “at risk”, while an interactive TV system will provide a continuous contact between the hotel and its guests. More generally, phases 2 and 3 will lead to a redefinition of roles and functions. And hotels can now look forward to a new lease of life. “By upgrading the common spaces and opening the structures to the public, with a full-time service and a guarantee of the structure’s quality, hotels can now play a whole new role, regaining wide segments of the market and offering a highly original and quality service,” says the president of Costa Group, Franco Costa, a company that presented innovative solutions during the last editions of HostMilano and that has been highly active in the field of adapting structures to ensure maximum safety.

The materials used also contribute to protecting the environment: it will be essential to choose materials and components for architecture and interior design that prevent bacterial accumulation and that are easy to maintain and clean. In addition, the use of technologies aimed at environmental quality will be essential especially in certain high-frequented spaces such as elevators. Surface and air sanitation systems as well as lighting systems equipped with ultraviolet sources, will help reduce the agents’ proliferation.

Establishments after Covid-19: rethinking furniture and furnishings

In China, as well as in Italy, the modular Plexiglas panels seem to be the only way out for the safe reopening of bars and restaurants. “As a result of the emergency and the need to rethink spaces, our Research Centre developed a possible solution to be proposed to our clients working in the Contract sector,” says Stefano Zajotti, design & communication manager at EMU. “It is a Plexiglas panel that produces a certain degree of social distancing and allows to keep the highest number of places inside.”

The next edition of HostMilano will take place from October 22-26, 2021.