IKEA has launched its all-new 2020 Catalogue. This year’s catalogue theme is ‘A fresh start’ and focusses on how important mental and physical rest is for people to feel happy and live life to the fullest. In its 2020 edition, the catalogue aims to launch product ranges that are affordable, high in quality, and sustainable in nature for each season.

IKEA has come up with innovative solutions that are relevant and have a distinct look and features. For the IKEA solutions to resonate with people, five different homes were designed with people from different backgrounds and markets. Each of these homes showcase solutions and illustrate five emotional needs – Belonging, Ownership, Comfort, Security, and Privacy. Each home has a story to tell!

Belonging is about feeling part of a group of people who accept you for who you really are and places that reflect you. Ownership isn’t just about deeds and mortgages, it’s about having a sense of control over the space and place you live in. Security is about feeling safe and grounded, not about the locks on the door. Comfort is about feeling content and at ease in your surroundings. And, Privacy is about having control over where and how you can disconnect and reflect. IKEA has four upcoming seasonal launches, The Autumn Launch in the 2020 catalogue is about a fresh start as it’s when the holiday period is over, people go back to their offices and kids begin the new year at school.

The Winter Launch is all about ‘celebration and joy’ and how to transform your home to make space for its ever-changing members and activities. Meanwhile the Spring Launch encourages people to have a ‘conscious home’ with innovative new IKEA products that can be repurposed, repaired, reused, resold, and recycled. Finally, the Summer Launch looks at ‘expanded homes’ and having fun with the great outdoors.

Vinod Jayan, managing director – IKEA UAE, Egypt, and Oman at IKEA commented: “Our 2020 Catalogue is all about helping people put things in perspective and offer them innovative ideas and solutions to give them a fresh start. We want our customers to be able to do this everyday and live by the fresh start motto. With different personalities and preferences in the UAE, we are keen to offer better solutions to the many and we truly believe that focussing on sleep to improve your life is essential, which is the essence of our 2020 catalogue.”