IMKAN announced plans for the first mixed-use project in its 18ha waterfront ‘Makers District’ on Reem Island. Pixel’s seven towers, incorporating residential apartments, co-working office space, F&B and retail, will form a key part of an exciting new neighborhood and a unique urban living destination being built in the UAE capital.

With a built-up area of approximately 83,000sqm, ‘Pixel’ will offer 480 residential units within 7 mixed-use residential towers that are surrounded by quiet pocket gardens and frame a centralized pedestrianized plaza, home to over 3,500sqm of an artisanal mix of F&B, retail and offices, as well as a signature water feature.

The community is located just steps away from ‘The-Artery’, IMKAN’s unique hybrid parking garage, the cultural hub and the first unveiled building at Makers District.

Home to an engaging central hub of activities, Pixel mirrors the identity of the Makers District by bringing further innovative placemaking to Abu Dhabi.

Walid El Hindi, CEO of IMKAN, said: “Pixel is a vibrant human scale destination, designed to offer its occupants a unique and soulful place to enrich their lives, collaborate in work and engage with their community. It is also a key milestone in IMKAN’s journey to establish Makers District as the new beating heart of Abu Dhabi and a place that reflects the best standards in building and design that will benefit end-users, and the wider community.”