Led by Marianna Piccolo, MY PICK ONE created the interior for the Fairooz Apartment for a targeted demographic. This refers to the niche group of homeowners who dislike the concept of a one-size-fits-all design for residential apartments. Set in the Dubai Marina, Al Fairooz Tower is a unique concept, where the apartments are not just residential, but partially commercial as well. Here, business never sleeps – so the revered design firm aimed to style it in a similar way, so that elements of work, comfort, and leisure, go hand-in-hand.

Designed by their team of professional interior designers, they first drafted a concept that retained aspects of luxury as well as minimalism for a futuristic and innovative vibe. Each palette, statement luminaire, and material are selected to develop the space’s ‘creator’s aesthetic.’

To implement the concept of sustainability, the design team selected a range of energy-efficient and environmentally responsible materials that, during the building’s lifespan, will have a lesser impact on the environment. By reducing the building’s overall carbon footprint, their design choices lead to healthier spaces for homeowners.

The apartment building is a commercial and residential space altogether, so it needed to be inspiring for people who were working, functional for people who were living, and artistic for people who were enjoying its various leisure amenities.

The interior is marked by sophistication and elegance so that homeowners can simply relax. But to add a commercial aspect, MY PICK ONE crafted a distinct space, highlighted by an environment that’s productive to work. the team developed it this way using ergonomic furniture, comfortable lighting, and minimal distractions. This is where homeowners can create a personalised workspace.