Well-known influencer Nuseir Yassin, the face of Nas Daily has opened his office in the Emirates Towers designed by Kart Group.

Yassin is an extraordinary Israeli-Palestinian Harvard graduate influencer who has already spent much of his young life travelling. Yassin runs a storytelling company that communicates the disparity between people, cultures, and religions. His journey started when he pledged to make a minute-long video for 1000 days. Nas means people in Arabic. Nas Daily creates videos about remarkable people from all over the world. Yassin is one of the most influential creators on Facebook, which is just shy of 20 million followers.

Project brief
Yassin and the team at NasDaily asked for a contemporary office design with a touch of colour that reflects the client’s corporate identity and youthful playfulness in the design features.

The overall concept of the 1100sqft office design is to reflect the personality of the founder; bold and brave. The dominating colour in the office space is pure white, and the rest of the colours are of muted neutral tones and a strong accent of yellow. Nas Daily is a young team, and they need inspirational office space that promotes a social and interactive atmosphere.

Various design elements
The office façade and the internal reception counter is a bold statement and catches everyone’s attention that passes Nas Daily on Emirates Towers Boulevard. The addition of the stark black framing enhances the depth of the office space, increases saturation and accentuates the confident yellow highlights. The office space is conveniently located on one floor and divided by glass panels into four unique areas.

About the ambience
The dynamic atmosphere of the office is boosted with the well-designed casual setting. The strong design lines and powerful pops of colour create compelling energy and movement throughout the office space, reception, and meeting room. 

Unique features
Behind the welcome reception desk lies a portal comprising two booths on either side which are made private by floor-to-ceiling black panelling. The panels create an impressive doorway that also encourages movement into the offices behind.

Kart used high-quality concrete porcelain and acrylic panelling to create office space, and coloured stickers gave zingy accents. All of the furniture is in the preferred contemporary design in warm neutral colours that are accented with bold colours in the cushion collection.