Artist Leena Kewlani is exhibiting her latest artwork collection at the Pullman Hotel in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. The artworks are displayed till April 30, 2018 at the hotel. Kewlani is living proof that the brilliance of abstract impressionism knows no bounds, as she takes her audiences beyond the surface in her ongoing exhibition.

Leena Kewlani

The well-travelled abstract impressionist has made it her mission to channel positivity and good vibes through her artworks. As she tells the stories of her travels, Leena considers each experience of painting a memorable journey deep into her soul where she finds the positive touch she could add into the world with her brushes and palette knives.

Kewlani is inspired by the imperfections in people, in nature and in things around her. Kewlani describes, “I am inspired to paint from my travels. I travel on any free days I get off from work, with my camera glued to my hand. I walk for hours, and I capture everything my eyes see, my heart feels. And from there, I use my photographs, those happy memories, as inspiration to create some of my paintings. I am very attuned to the emotions that my paintings channel because I believe that, even in abstract art, those emotions travel with the painting wherever it goes. I want to fill the home where my art ends up with positive energy.”

Leena is getting great feedback for her artworks. “I’m honoured by the positive reception that my artwork has received. When I paint, there is an immense joy that emerges through me, and this is what translates into the vibrancy of the art that I am exhibiting at the Pullman Hotel,” finishes Kewlani.