LAP PLUS washstand is the fruit of the latest collaboration between industrial designer Karim Rashid and Glass Design.

Comprising a basin that boasts a spectacular visual effect, it represents a bathroom/cloakroom design solution which is minimalist yet highly functional. Concentric circles ripple out in ellipse formation echoing the oval lines of the basin and creating a pure optional illusion, a dynamic design guaranteed to instantaneously capture the attention.

Monochrome combinations (white on black or black on white) graphically highlight the profile of the basin, resulting in an elegant piece suitable for all types of environment, compact or grandiose, residential or commercial.

The basin is fashioned from Vetrofreddo, an innovative material patented by Glass Design and composed of glass pigments and resins. The washstand structure is in Matt Black painted AISI 304 stainless steel, features adjustable feet and comes with towel holder and integrated shelf.