Hani Asfour, dean of DIDI

The Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) has chosen the two winners of its “Scholarship Challenge” who have gained fully supported undergraduate studies at the region’s first university exclusively dedicated to design and innovation.

The successful students participated in a competition to design an innovative, space-compliant game for astronauts to play on their journey to Mars or during their time in space. The winners of the two scholarships granted by Dubai Holding and Kart Group are Fatima Al Busaeedi, who designed a creative entertainment-based game around music to help astronauts stay stimulated in space. Receiving the second scholarship is Mohammad Bassam, who showcased very complex technical skills and adoption of new software for his submitted challenge.

Mustafa Khamash, managing director of Kart Group
Amit Kaushal, Group CEO, Dubai Holding

Launched earlier this year, the “Scholarship Challenge” gave aspiring students the chance to showcase their talents and creativity, in a bid to win the two fully funded scholarships, capturing their imagination by designing the space game. It had to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of future space travellers, enabling them to perform athletic activities, to maintain muscle capacity, bone density as well as cardiovascular health, especially during lengthy space travels. Fatima Al Busaeedi was delighted at the news, she commented: “It is truly my dream to be part of this growing field and support the UAE’s vision in becoming a leading contributor to innovation on the global stage. I am hugely grateful to have the opportunity to study at DIDI. My family pushed me to choose this institution as it’s very unique and we all feel it is the right place for me to grow in this field.”
Mohammad Bassam said he is eager to commence his four-year studies after the summer: “DIDI is a very innovative university and I am honoured to have been chosen for this scholarship. There are very few universities in this region which teach in such a unique way and I cannot wait to begin my studies in the fall.”